Impact on Patients

RESOLVE’s proposed educational program will promote embryo donation by informing clinic personnel and independent professionals about the details of the process, encouraging more clinics to offer it, and ensuring that medical, legal and mental health professionals involved in its administration are knowledgeable about all of its aspects. As this is an online, distance learning program, infertility providers located anywhere can access the content.

RESOLVE’s goal is to help infertility professionals to become well informed and conversant about embryo donation issues. This will help situate it as a normal, viable, and desirable family building strategy. Targeted education and training will demystify the embryo donation process for all involved, drive interested parties to learn more, make the option more widely available, and help build general support for this family building method.

Professional Education Impacts Patient Education and Awareness

By equipping professionals with evidence-based, focused information as part of the training, it is anticipated that they will become motivated to incorporate education on embryo donation into patient care and client services, encourage and counsel patients and potential donors to consider embryo donation, and raise overall public awareness.

This training can have a major impact with influencing potential donors. Lack of available embryos for donors is a stumbling block to the success of many programs. While some embryo owners will be fundamentally opposed to allowing other people to raise their genetic offspring, some amount of the discomfort about donation likely stems from simple unfamiliarity with and lack of understanding about the process. Providing training to professionals about embryo donation will in turn help them educate potential donors and demystify the process.