Starting a Program

There is considerable room for growth in the embryo donation field with 500,000 frozen embryos waiting to be used or discarded and hundreds of thousands of individuals struggling with impaired fertility, unable to use their own gametes, and searching for a viable treatment alternative. For these people, embryo donation can prove an attractive and affordable family building option. Conversely many potential donors, especially those who were the recipients of a donated egg, are looking for better options for their cryopreserved embryos other than discarding them or donating to research, if they can find such a source.

To encourage embryo donation and increase its acceptance and familiarity, it is essential to clarify the medical, legal and mental health aspects of embryo donations for not only donors and recipients, but for professionals. Educating infertility providers about the best practices and protocols for both donors and recipients will encourage the growth of more programs as part of a fertility clinic’s service offerings.

Embryo Donation Training Topics

RESOLVE’s embryo donation curriculum will cover the essential topics necessary for creating an independent embryo donation program, such as understanding the current regulatory and legal environment, optimizing program costs and successes, handling anonymity and disclosure, communicating with donors and recipients, matching donors and recipients, and working with mental health and legal professionals. The program will guide infertility medical professionals in establishing the appropriate procedures, as well as provide tools, resources, checklists and other resources that clinics can customize for their own use to either enhance a current program or start a new one.